A complete list of our prices is located on the "pricing options" page.  Here is a detailed list of what we offer for our wedding services.  All weddings are shot in full 1080i HD and include the option of having your video printed to Blu-Ray or DVD.

Ceremony coverage:

This covers anything and everything during the ceremony with manned 2 HD cameras.  We also shoot several scenic shots of your ceremony location that we edit into your final product.  We place a wireless mic on the groom to capture the audio during the wedding, as well as anything you may whisper to each other during the ceremony.  In your final version of the discs, we show your entire ceremony straight through--we don't cut anything out.

Getting Ready coverage:

Anything that takes place before the ceremony:  guys/girls hanging out, getting ready, decorating cars, decorating the ceremony and/or reception site, the first meeting of the bride and groom, and any other candid moments that may happen during this time.  We also use 2 HD cameras during this time to get more of the action.

He Said/She Said interviews:

These are brief interviews we conduct with the bride and groom before the ceremony just to find out how you met, what was your first date like, how did you propose, etc.  The catch:  we do the interviews separately, so your answers may vary slightly...or they may be completely different!

Transportation to the Reception:

If you rented a limo, a hayrack ride, or any other mode of transportation to get from your ceremony to your reception site, we will ride along with you to shoot the true beginning of the party.


Includes your grand entrance into the reception hall, toasts, cutting the cake, and anything else that may happen during the reception before the dance itself begins.  We use 2 manned HD cameras for much of this coverage.

Special Dance coverage:

Includes your first dance as husband and wife, dances with parents, and the wedding party dance.  We use 2 HD manned cameras on tripods for this coverage.  If you like, we can leave the wireless mic on the groom to pick up any conversations you have during your first dance.

Extensive Dance coverage:

Includes the Special Dance coverage, as well as staying longer to cover much more of the dance.  You can decide exactly how much of the dance you want covered during our planning meetings, but typically we'll stay for about 1 1/2 hours after the first dance.

Wishing you Good Luck coverage:

This is where we go around the reception hall gathering short messages from your parents, grandparents, wedding party, and anyone else you choose wishing you good luck or whatever else they have to say to you.


Within the first couple of weeks after your wedding, we will put together a 3-4 minute trailer highlighting your day.  We will post this to our Facebook page as well as our video sharing site for your and your friends/family to enjoy.  These are included for free on all of our package options.  It's a great way to build the anticipation of getting your entire wedding video a few weeks following!

Picture slide show:

You provide us with about 100 photos that we set to music of your choice.  The total length is usually between 9 and 11 minutes long.  This is pre-produced before your wedding so it can be shown at your wedding and/or reception.

Interview slide show:

Like the picture slide show, you provide us with about 100 photos that we set to music of your choice.  However, we also conduct an interview with the bride-to-be and groom-to-be a few months before the ceremony and we interweave the photos and your soundbites together to form the slide show.  This is pre-produced before your wedding so it can be shown at your wedding and/or reception.