We are Andy and Katie Chaves, and we currently live in Lincoln, Nebraska.  We've been married since April 2005 and have been operating Chaves Videography since August 2005.  We started out producing wedding videos for some friends that were getting married and have expanded into producing everything from wedding videos, to sports events, to dance recitals, to videos for area businesses.

I (Andy) am from Bellevue, Nebraska, and began attending the University of Nebraska--Lincoln in 1999 and graduated with a bachelor's degree in broadcasting in 2003.  I started working part-time as a videographer at 10/11 News in Lincoln in April 2002 and was promoted to full-time status in December of that same year.  My assignments while at 10/11 range from government meetings, to breaking news events, to high school and Husker sports, to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi.  I worked at 10/11 until December 2006, when I left to become a production specialist at Time Warner Cable.  At Time Warner, I produce commercials as well as content for our local on demand channel, Nebraska on Demand.  Some of my work includes high school football games, town biography pieces, Husker football practice reports and press conferences, and pieces featuring area high school marching bands.  I also produced an award-winning documentary about how robotics is helping kids gain critical knowledge in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

I (Katie) am from Marysville, Kansas, and began attending Highland Community College in 1998.  I have an extensive background in photography, shooting everything from nature photos, to engagement sessions, to dance recitals.  My photography background made it easy to make the switch to video and have been enjoying it since we started together in 2005!

We want you to know that we truly enjoy our work, and pride ourselves in being flexible to meet your needs.  We hope to meet and get to know you soon and thank you again for your interest in our business.